Placing responsible operations


at the center of our corporate objectives

Our management and disclosure

As a chemical technology brand, Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) factors are integral to our Atotech business. While regulatory requirements differ between geographic regions, we have chosen to apply the most ambitious frameworks in all our operating markets for the Atotech brand. In addition, we aspire to set transparent goals and report on our progress against them, while also pinpointing opportunities to expand our ESG program.

We have a robust policy framework in place, which forms the basis of our operations. Our management systems for health, safety, environment, and quality are regularly reviewed to ensure the best performance.

We have a formal ESG Steering Committee and an ESG Operating Committee, responsible for reviewing, implementing, and managing our Atotech ESG program on an ongoing basis.

We are committed to best practices in all aspects ESG-factor reporting. Our ESG factsheet is a first step in formalizing our reporting and providing greater transparency related to our Atotech brand.

We are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and have defined areas where we believe we can contribute the most positive change.

Our Atotech policies

Policy for health, safety, environment, quality, and security

We place people’s personal safety, safety with regard to operations, and the protection of health and environment at the center of our corporate objectives.

2023, pdf / 650 KB

We strive to do business the right way and compete to win with integrity. Our Code is an important expression of our values and helps us make decisions that win our customers’ loyalty, trust, and respect.

March 2023

Conflict minerals sourcing

We adhere to the responsible sourcing of precious and non-precious metal salts in our operations and supply chains.

2017, pdf / 230 KB

We are committed to strict standards of corporate governance and ethics. Compliance is a non-negotiable part of our business.

Supplier code of conduct

Based on our values, we carefully choose suppliers that comply with our Code of Conduct and other policies.

English language, 2020, pdf / 430 KB
Japanese language, 2020, pdf / 1.000 KB

Ensuring consistent quality: ISO certification

ISO 9001

2022, pdf / 270 KB

ISO 14001

2022, pdf / 220 KB

ISO 45001

2022, pdf / 200 KB

Accreditation of laboratories according to ISO 17025

Czech Republic (Czech language)

2023, pdf / 3.700 KB

Germany (English language)

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