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Leadframe and connector

Integrated wet chemical process solutions for leadframes, connectors and bus bars, molded interconnect devices, cables and more

Quick facts

  • Highly conductive surfaces for e–vehicle applications
  • Sustainable tin products with low whisker propensity
  • Unique adhesion promoters for copper, silver and Ni/Pd/Au surfaces


  • ICs, discretes, power packages
  • LED applications
  • Connectors & cables
  • Molded interconnect devices
  • Powertrain connections

Product portfolio


  • Non Etching Adhesion Promoter (NEAP): innovative and cost effective solution for silver and pre plated leadframes to meet highest reliability requirements.
  • Moldprep HMC: robust, industry proven adhesion promotor for copper alloy leadframe to improve IC packages MSL enhancement.
  • Stannopure® PF 10: new sustainable tin plating process for IC outer leads and connectors with superb solderability and excellent coverage over entire current density range.
  • Anti-EBO T14: epoxy bleed out treatment to reduce the epoxy bleed out.
  • Silvertech HS 1100: high speed silver spot plating process.

Connectors, bus bars & wires

  • Silvertech RBH: hard silver electrolyte for e-vehicle applications like power train bus bars and connectors.
  • Silvertech C: silver carbon deposit for switches and connectors.
  • Argalin® XL: high performance and temperature stable anti-tarnish for silver and copper deposits.
  • Aurocor HSC: hard gold bath with excellent deposit properties and exceptional impurities tolerance; includes auxiliary additives that prevent gold immersion and overplating on masked areas reducing gold consumption.
  • Pallacor HSN Plus: high performance palladium nickel alloy plating with wide operating window and excellent high current density performance; uses lowest possible precious metal (Pd) to reduce initial make up and operating cost.
  • Stannopure® PF 10 + Protectostan® Plus 3: sustainable tin deposition and protection process with low whisker propensity.

ICS and Discretes

  • Stannopure® 3000: matt tin plating process for high volume production process based on MSA.
  • Protectostan® Plus 3: green (PFAS free) postdip for tin to preserve solderability under steam or heat.
  • Deflash GR 1: efficient deflashing process to remove mold from outer leads.

LED Leadframe

  • Silvertech HS LED: high speed and high brightness silver spot plating process.
  • Silvertech MS LED: robust process for bright silver deposits (full coverage).
  • Argalin® K8: anti-tarnish to prevent brightness degradation.
  • Cupracid® LED Plus: bright acid copper for a smooth surface.

Adhesion promoters

Cost-effective reliability boosters for lead frame packages

Our new Adhesion promoters for advanced automotive applications provide a tight chemical connection between mold and metal. This in turn offers a sealed package that withstands longer exposures to heat and humidity.

Green Tin

High-speed processes and post-treatments for lead frames and connectors

From matt over semi bright to bright tin deposits, Atotech is committed to fostering more sustainability throughout the working world and meeting changing requirements and regulations. Our portfolio of new and advanced, green tin plating processes and post-treatments provides optimal protection and coverage while being completely free of BPA, NPE, PFAs, or any other critical substances.

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“We are supporting manufacturers with high quality products that push the limits in reliability. Our custom-made metal plating processes, pre- and post-treatments, as well as adhesion promoters do exactly that, and therefore can make the difference”

Dr. Christian Ohde
Global Product Director for Lead Frame and Connector at Atotech Germany

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